Survey, Lifting & Firefighting


A helicopter provides the perfect platform for aerial survey. Large windows, 5 passenger seats and the ability to use the onboard Trimble DGPS for accurate mapping mission's .Transferable data can be downloaded and printouts provided to the client for map overlay.


The AS350BA helicopter is capable of an 800 kg lift.

The helicopter is a very economic and easy solution for transporting under slung loads to precise locations

  • Farm materials
  • Water tanks
  • Building & Construction
  • Concrete pouring using specialised skips


We have provided fire fighting services to the region since 1993 .Utilizing our transportable 900 litre fire bucket along with onboard electronic foam injection plus ground support we have the complete service.

Modern onboard radio systems enable important air/ground communications to Fire Service, Rural Fire, Department Of Conservation, Forestry Companies & Contractors.